Untitled (poem)

Untitled (poem)

Fold now
And years of work
Are out the window

You did the math
Ran the alternatives
Followed your heart
And calculated risks

You went all in
Time and time again
For the life that you want
And the life that you need
A few more weeks
Of stretching yourself thin
Sacrifices now
For a greater later

Asked for help
And even favours
And rested
Just enough
Probably not
But it’s all you got right now

When everything
Tells you to quit
Except that fire in your heart
That screams
Stick to it
Keep at it
This it it kid,

Time to make it count

One more word
One more poem
One more love letter
To the world

Pace yourself
Don’t fall down
Tough it out

There are greater
On the other side of this.