Did Some 360 Bullet Time Light Painting @ XANGLE (120 cameras)

Over the years, I’ve been a drummer, bass player, signer in hardcore bands. I’ve been a writer and a poet for over a decade and then a painter as well. I’ve worked with canvas, razor blades, wood, plywood, coroplast, lines, splashes, blothces, silkscreen, stains…Sometimes I just throw paint at a canvas and see how I can get an emotion out of it.

A few weeks ago I was invited to try light painting by Eric Paré and it turned out to be one of the most intense and emotionally satisfying creative moment of my life.

He made a video out of it and I can’t ever be grateful enough for the way XANGLE presented my work and process.

This one’s going in the portfolio for sure!

Thank you so much!



Trystych no 1 and 2 (new paintings)

I guess 2018 will be the year I explore new techniques, shapes and materials. From silkscreen to drips, splashes and abstract expressionism.

I’ve worked with plywood, coroplast, cardboard, planks and now half a tree trunk.

Here are two new ones for you. (Still touch ups to be done)

Trystych no1 and 2.