So I Just Set Fire to a House…

…In my next novel, of course… (but the title caught you, didn’t it?)

I was sitting there, struggling to try to get my character in and kill the guy he’s supposed to kill and find a way to somehow cover his tracks and try to make it sense and I was sitting and writing and writing and re-writing… shit wasn’t working and WORSE, shit didn’t sound like my book or my characters…

Then I said to myself, “fuck it, I’m burning down the motherfucker.”

With the guy sleeping in it.

That’s right.

I just set fire to the house.

Because my character’s that kind of an asshole anyways. He ain’t no fancy hitman. He’s a guy who gets pissed and just does shit and this time he wanted to burn down the house. It made sense right that moment so he fucking did.

Simple as that.

Which leads me to a kinda-well-known writing tip: Let the characters speak for themselves, they often know what they’re doing better than you do.

Keep writing every day, (I know I’m having a hard time with it.)

Take care,