Five of Bukowski’s Life Lessons I’ve Grown Old Enough to Confirm.

  1. If you got a job where you can write on the job, keep the job.
  2. If you got a woman who don’t drink the rent money, keep that woman.
  3. Most people will do nothing but chew up your time. Only keep around those who are worth it.
  4. Someone, somewhere, will be jealous of your “success” even if you only made ten bucks so far with a book.
  5. Pure, unaltered creativity is a rare thing, but there are legions of posers out there who are very talented at making people believe otherwise.

10 People You Need to Listen to if You Want to Be an Artist.

10 People You Need to Listen to if You Want to Be an Artist.  

These guys had it figured out before I did (it applies any form of art – writing included)

 1-                       So You Want to be A Writer – Charles Bukowski (Poem)

 2-                       The Canadian Authors Meet – F.R. Scott  ( Poem – I really, really dig this one)

 3-                       Jake Bannon Interview (video)

 4-                       Ian Mackaye Interview (Video)

 5-                       Harmony Korine Interview (from Beautiful Losers)

 6-                       Larry Clark Interview (Vice Magazine)

 7-                       At the Quinte Hotel – Al Purdy (Someone actually did a video out of one of his poems)

 8-                       Read this: The False Principles of Our Education

 9-                       Tim Barry Interview (video)

 10-                   I guess I can add my own tip: 800 words a day. That’s a minimum. 800 words!


*Out of fairness, that was a guess post I did for a booktour with orangeberry book tours, I reposted it here because, fuck it, I could.


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Northern Gothic is now Available

NG cover lowfi

Hi Everyone,

So, I’ve finally released my first collection of poetry titled Northern Gothic.

It was a project that I’ve been putting aside for too long and now that A Teenage Suicide (my next full lenght novel) is in the hands of my proof-reader I finally had time to work on some side projects.

So here it is, available as an ebook through Kindle or in print at

(Northern Gothic on Kindle

Northern Gothic on Lulu

Thank you,



Northern Gothic is a collection of poetry in four parts.

I didn’t try to reinvent language. I have little use for new ways to twist your tongue and play with words.This is not that kind of book, these are not those kinds of poems. Most of them do not follow any specific form and it wasn’t even intentional.

Most of them just got out that way and I decided to remain as truthful to the original feeling of the poem as possible. In all things of life, I am a pretty straight forward man. Northern Gothic is a collection of tall tales, slices of life, changes of heart struggles, hopes and contradictions.

It’s about real life,  about living in the East end of Montreal, dreaming about the north, working in warehouses and factories, trying to go to back to school or founding a family.

It ain’t always pretty and it ain’t always bad. One thing is for sure, these poems are always honest and that’s one thing we could all use a bit more of these days.

Take care, Ian.