The Most Family Fun Per Buck You’ll Ever Have.

Setting up the chalk wall was about 60$ (not counting ornaments)

Book on chalk lettering : 26$

1 box of white chalks : 1.28

1 box of coloured chalks : 1.28

Hours of fun and love with the girls (and with grandma)…stopped counting.

The best things in life really come simple if you let them.

Feeling loved,



Did Some 360 Bullet Time Light Painting @ XANGLE (120 cameras)

Over the years, I’ve been a drummer, bass player, signer in hardcore bands. I’ve been a writer and a poet for over a decade and then a painter as well. I’ve worked with canvas, razor blades, wood, plywood, coroplast, lines, splashes, blothces, silkscreen, stains…Sometimes I just throw paint at a canvas and see how I can get an emotion out of it.

A few weeks ago I was invited to try light painting by Eric Paré and it turned out to be one of the most intense and emotionally satisfying creative moment of my life.

He made a video out of it and I can’t ever be grateful enough for the way XANGLE presented my work and process.

This one’s going in the portfolio for sure!

Thank you so much!