Why I Started Listening to Pop Music.

Let me say it straight.

I was pissed for a good fifteen years. I was straight pissed. Not just angry. I was as pissed off as could get. More than a few people, even in the hardcore scene, would say they had never seen rage like mine.

I was pissed. I was the guy who’d tell you Slipknot was for pussies. I listened to bands like Death Threat, One Life Crew, Blood for Blood and worse…shit I can’t even remember it was so obscure. (Pitboss 2000?!? 25 ta Life?!?!?!)

The kind of shows people got injured and others went to jail.

And I’m serious.

Im fucking glad I ain’t that guy anymore. Even Rollins and Iggy Pop ain’t that pissed.

There are still a million valid reasons to be angry at the world (Trump and the 1,2 trillion he shoveld into 2019 we’ll all pay for soon!).

Daily anger is not going to change any of that.

So I discovered pop. It’s cheezy, it’s easy, I think it’s hilarious and it makes me feel good.

I don’t give a shit. Give me Timbetlake, give me Ariana or Calvin Harris.

I don’t care. There is as much terrible punk out there as there is terrible pop. I just looking for love these days. I can’t do pissed anymore.

I mean, let’s get real…I’m no fool. I know theres still anger in me. It comes up sometimes and I still get surprised at the amount of pain I carry. But those of you who’ve known me for years will vouch for how far I’ve come.

Day to day…I wouldn’t trade my 30s for my 20s…never.

It’s all love, people.