Man in the Mirror (poem)

*this is one of the hardest thing I ever wrote (and I wrote hard ones). I’m not sure how comfortable I am sharing this but as an old rule of writing of mine “If you felt it to be true one day, then it may be the truth of someone else as well and it needs to exist.”

Still not comfortable about it, but here goes.

Man in the Mirror (poem)

I look at you but I can’t figure who you are
I just can’t

The shape is close enough
The beard
The skin
The hair

But the eyes are gone
The face is famished
There is an emptiness in the stare
There is a haze
Between you and me

The man in the mirror

I am in cat town
I am in 1Q84
I am here but I look

And there is an image alright
It moves when I move
It stares back at me
As I am staring at it

But I can’t tell
For the life of me
Just exactly…

God damn

Who the fuck are you?


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