A Family Man (Poem)

Trying to find solace in solitude
Was never for me
I needed the big family
I wanted the little struggles
Before putting them to bed.
The baths
And the teeth
And the song
Or a story
And then the brief moment to yourself
For coffee
Or a poem
A game of something

Or just sitting in silence
Just enough cuddles
Or a little bit of a talk
In peace and quiet
For an hour
Never more
Or not that often anyways

6 AM will come again really soon
And the kids will be jumping around
Asking to be fed
And cared for
Taken to school

All the small
Things of life
You didn’t know
You needed
Till you didn’t have then anymore.

A quiet evening
Food in the pantry
Bills are paid
And someone in your bed
Looking for
That little heel hook
That puts you to sleep at night.

A family man.


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