Haruspex (poem)

Haruspex (Poem)


I can take it

Trust me,

Just keep prying

Keep piling

It on

And on


On again


There’s room for more

And when there’s none

I’ll find somewhere to

Shovel it forward.


So keep at it,

That’s right

Keep going

That’s right

Keep prodding at my brain

Look for a way

To find a way

To get a way

To get things out of me


Give and give

And there’s nothing left

For me to seek

Break down and breathe

Reach for my guts

One more time

As they seer


Keep digging

In the flesh

There’s always room

For one lick less

One more inch

To dig into

Sink into

To reach out and break


I’ve just reached my own point


I can say for certain

A few years ago

I never would have believed

I would bleed this way.


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