First Trip From the Top of My head.

So, I’m headed home after my first trip. First travel, first airplane, etc… Went to Bouchercon in NOLA for about 40 hours and heading back home.

Some thoughts :

First flight was in a small, tiny 40 seats airplane. I could barely stand in it (I’m 6’1) and it really felt like a bus with wings. I FUCKING LOVED IT… Couldn’t stop smiling.

Tiny airplane was still roomier than the Montreal Metro in the morning.

There’s a place that sells a dish called “the Buddhist bowl” in Charlotte airport. I will be thankful for this nutritious meal forever.

Food in the USA is generally pretty bad… WAY too much fat and sugar. Hard to find healthy, veggie or vegan food. Even the “farmers’ market” was all meat… It was hard not to notice the obesity problem (sorry!)

Say the gulf of Mexico from the air.

Did manage to find a selection of AMAZING vegetarian food in or around downtown NOLA.

Did find one bottle of real orange juice in the bottom right corner of a seven-fridge wall full of coke and pepsi.

Wallgreens is Pharmaprix. It has to be. I will google this to confirm.

You can sleep on wide couches in NOLA airport. I don’t know if this is true of other airports, but I would not have been worried about rest had I known. Turned out to be adequately comfortable.

Inequality is absolutely blatant. I took the city bus out of the Airport and across Metarie and NOLA… the haves and the haves not, it’s hard not to see it…

Americans are generally nicer than expected. The bad international press does feel legitimate, but most people were nice.Please be kind and fix your problems, will ya?!

Saw the Mississippi river. It’s brown.

Traveling is sexy. It’s a big, rich-ass privilege but it’s sexy! At least acknowledge of your privilege and be grateful.

It hooked me up. I don’t think I’ll ever “not smile” on a plane.

Say tiny windfarms. They probably weren’t so tiny on the ground, but they were tiny alright!

Headed home.

I miss my girls.



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