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Some News : Mar and Poly



I’ve just completed two major projects, apparently the only two for 2015 (I’ll blame this lackluster productivity on my newborn baby and my job doubling my workload while decreasing my wage by 4.8%!!!!)


THAT SAID.. Mar’s “AFTER THE SUN” is shipped out to a few labels (hopefully) and my first full length script POLY will receive the same fate later today.

As for my next novel.. the secret is still valid… you’ll know who releases it early in 2016 for a Summer release of that same year.

ALSO, we’ve set up (with a few friends) an upcoming gallery expo in Montreal’s notorious old port (that’s right!!!)  (more détails after the XMAS break)

I’m going out for coffee because this basement is getting to me.

Up next : KILO (a graphic novel) – TRUE NORTH (crime novel) and CRASS (trash/poetry)