Music to Write to: My Summer 2014 Playlist

I’m in-between projects right now so I have time on my hands and not much to think about.

The first draft for “Grand Trunk and Shearer” is simmering for a week or two before I get into the re-writes.

I also have a short story in the works that’s almost done and that’s pretty much it.

As I am standing in the eye of the storm, getting ready for the next wave of self-and-not-so-self-inflicted deadlines, I needed to take a minute to recharge my creative juices.

And when I need that, I usually turn to music so I wanted to share with you my recent playlist. Of course, most of these are really old now, but good music ages well.

These songs are textured, atmospheric or have a very steady beat which has proven to get me writing faster. Depending on what mood the scene I’m working on requires, I just put one of these in loop and my brain gets to work like a steady locomotive on a railroad track.

In no particular order

National Anthem – Radiohead

Mexican Grand Prix – Mogwai

Right Where it Belongs – Nine Inch Nails

Snow Angels – Mike Patton (this was cut out of The Place Beyond the Pines soundtrack and someone made a 10 minute loop out of it and put it on youtube. I find it amazing!!!)

The Blood of Thine Enemies – Jacob Bannon

Truth – Bossk

Aftermath – Tricky

Coma Black – Marylin Manson

This City – Plaid (Tekkonkinkreet Soundtrack)

Blue – Sage Francis

That’s all for now.

Take care,



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