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Nothing Means Anything



We live from glorious moment to glorious moment.

From one achievement to the next.

No matter how small, how trivial.

We live by it, abide by it.

We break down at the sight of other people’s success,

We gloat at our own miniscule creations

and then we fade

with their fading glory.


We relentlessly fight our way back into the dimmest of spotlight

Like weeds in the shade of tall oaks.

We are desperate for sun.

We are biting our own tails.

Run in circles,

Climb up Jacob’s ladder.
So easy would our memory be erased.

So easily because we don’t build to last anymore.

We forgot how to.


We forgot the touch of the


And the clay

And the steel.


Those who didn’t are feeling the diminishing return with greater pain.


We no longer know how to build a house, cook or grow food.

We are scared of trying anything ourselves,

Repairing anything ourselves.

We have been accustomed to this by waves and waves of

“Anti-materialistic values”of

“Anti-consumerism” of

“Staying free and not settling down.”


So we hire,

We rent,


And pre-package our entire lives.


We no longer settle to build,

We want to feel

And act

And go away at a moment’s notice.
In the middle of it all,

Our entire generation’s production

Will be dilapidated into

Wine and bandwidth.


Simple as that.


We will be left with nothing to show for

But the thousands of pictures of menial,

Meaningless acts of petty creativity,

Poor life-choices

And sub-par achievements

Erected as virtual monuments


But only for a handful of seconds

As the screen resets itself

And algorithms fail to kick in

Before the tides and tires

Of virtually meaningless achievements

Overcome our own.


I myself am not above such contradictions.

But if nothing means anything…

Then perhaps there is meaning in that as well.