10 People You Need to Listen to if You Want to Be an Artist.

10 People You Need to Listen to if You Want to Be an Artist.  

These guys had it figured out before I did (it applies any form of art – writing included)

 1-                       So You Want to be A Writer – Charles Bukowski (Poem)


 2-                       The Canadian Authors Meet – F.R. Scott  ( Poem – I really, really dig this one) http://www.library.utoronto.ca/canpoetry/scott_fr/poem3.htm

 3-                       Jake Bannon Interview (video)


 4-                       Ian Mackaye Interview (Video)


 5-                       Harmony Korine Interview (from Beautiful Losers)


 6-                       Larry Clark Interview (Vice Magazine)


 7-                       At the Quinte Hotel – Al Purdy (Someone actually did a video out of one of his poems)


 8-                       Read this: The False Principles of Our Education


 9-                       Tim Barry Interview (video)


 10-                   I guess I can add my own tip: 800 words a day. That’s a minimum. 800 words!


*Out of fairness, that was a guess post I did for a booktour with orangeberry book tours, I reposted it here because, fuck it, I could.


take care,



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