“Tales of Lust, Hate and Despair” sheds off its skin – becomes “Low Down”


low down

So, after a bunch of people suggesting I change both the cover and the title of “tales”, I’ve come to my senses came up with “Low Down” as a title and changed the cover to a more straight-forward noir look.

The reasons why I did this are simple: it appeared as a collection of short stories to the reader, the cover was too close to a lot of the self-published mystery novels and “Low Down” is not a “mystery” book per say. I don’t know. I do prefer the new cover, feels more like me.

If there was a category such as “neo-noir”, I’d be a happy author right now, but there ain’t so…

That’s pretty much it. Like it or don’t, it’s not ALLLL that important anyways. But updating all the files on all of the sites does require a few days (or weeks) to process, so don’t get your titles mixed…

take care,



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  1. I started claiming a genre for my fiction that I made up – I call what I write transformative fiction as I want my readers to go through personal, positive, transformations along with my main character as they read. I say claim Neo-Noir and be that happy author :-).

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