I finished writing my third novel. (like, right now)

I just finished writing “A Teenage Suicide”

And I mean, like, right now (14h45, Oct 3, 2012)

I did a save, a backup and I’m writing this post.

Safe to say, I’m happy (OK!OK! There will be something like three or four months or re-writing, editing, proofreading, doubting, cover making, marketing, more doubting, re-writing and re-proofreading…)

But the first draft is done! I arguably have a full length (over 71000 words), complete story and I already got some notes for the first (of several) re-writes.

I expect to reach 80000+ words for the final, final version and I’ll keep you posted on that.

Let me just say that it has been the most emotionally demanding, yet rewarding thing I have ever worked on and it’s probably the best thing I ever wrote.

I’d like to thank my wife n’ kid, Mary and Kaori, plus the rest of my family, Rej, Carole, Pascal, Mary, Marc… who were involved in some way of support in my life and of course, friends and colleagues (too many to list here)

Take care everyone,



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