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Time Zone DIY Marketing

It is no secret that a lot of blog posts, facebook ads and (especially) tweets go unnoticed. Some of it is because the post itself is useless or not interesting, otherwise it will get lost in the (very fast) noise of internet comments.


So if you are like me and don’t have a marketing budget or a street team or anything else but your time to promote anything (in my case it’s novels), you need to make your time count. In order to maximize exposure without turning my various social network accounts into pure spam, I’ve devised myself a plan to use demographics to my advantage.


What I came up with is this formula for time-zone sensitive marketing. I will use this schedule tomorrow in an attempt to gain maximum exposure for one of my Kindle Select giveaways.


(If you don’t know already, Kindle giveaways are days where you give your ebook for free online to gain exposure. While this works well to a certain extend, the sheer amount of people doing it simultaneously generates a lot of “noise” and your novel can be lost in it, thus making the marketing day virtually useless.)


I write books in English, so I targeted the largest gatherings of population in the English world (Ok, I could have included India, I just didn’t do the math on India yet, maybe next time,)


A ) There are three target zones where I figured people will most likely go on the internet.


Morning Commute : First of all, people will get up and go to work between 6 and 9 am. That’s when a lot of people are stuck in transit, reading news and facebook on their way to work.


Lunch : From 9am to noon, they are at work and most of them will not have access to social networks, or internet at all. At noon, a lot of people will log in and upkeep whatever they need to do on their various portable devices.


Evening : It’s 7pm, you got home, the meals are ready or done, you take a minute or two to see if you missed anything online. If the kids are in bed or there’s nothing on the news, you turn on your computer or your e-reader and relax.


B) There are a lot of large centers of population at different times of the day. I’ve picked a few (London, East-Coast, Chicago, LA, Sydney)and made a schedule (in EST, Montreal (or N-Y) Time.


Here’s the result,


1:00 – London breakfast

6:00 – Montreal breakfast

7:00 – London Lunch, Chicago breakfast

9:00 – LA breakfast

12:00 – Montreal lunch, London evening

13:00 – Chicago lunch

15:00 – LA lunch

16:00 – Sydney breakfast

19:00 – Montreal evening

20:00 – Chicago evening

22:00 – LA evening, Sydney Lunch


(and if you are extremely motivated), 5am the next morning for the Sydney evening commute.


Any post at these hours will statistically give you a greater audience. So instead of screaming at a wall, you’ll be screaming at a lot ( a lot) of people who might or might not listen to what you have to say.


Make the most of it,


Ian Truman,